About Imagine Tai Tokerau

Hack the system – come to our innovation weekend for the rebellious!

We call on everyone who is committed to change Te Tai Tokerau and make it an even better place to live. At our innovation weekend, you’ll be immersed in the ideal environment to make change happen and will meet amazing, like-minded people. Together, we will brainstorm workable, meaningful solutions to the problems that you see in our community and support the best ideas to become reality.

On Friday we will pitch ideas, vote on the best ones and then form project teams. The teams will be supported by experienced mentors of our community, who will make sure that the idea will be condensed into a workable solution. Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to designing the projects, testing out the prototypes and finalising them. On Sunday they will then be pitched to the judges, who will choose the most promising ones and provide ongoing support they need to be implemented in our community.

The goal of Imagine Tai Tokerau is to create lasting, positive change for Te Tai Tokerau and help our community thrive. We want to make sure that you come away full of creative energy, new possibilities and friends.

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