Challenges and Ideas

Be on the forefront of change and hack the system! We want to collect ideas that help Tai Tokerau thrive and help tackle the challenges it’s communities face.

The categories of challenges and ideas we are looking at are: Environmental, Digital, Social Inclusion and Housing.
Ideas should not be limited to technical solutions, but they should all be sustainable, for example: improvements in nursing, sustainable housing, building assets for games, decentralised water tanks, an app to monitor power & water consumption per person, marketing local produce to locals, and many more.

Here is a list of all registered ideas with the chance for you to vote on them! It will give us an idea of what the groups will most likely work on over the innovation weekend!

We also invite you to submit your own idea! Register the challenge your community faces and your idea to solve it and we’ll put it on the list.

Get inspired by great innovative success stories from Te Tai Tokerau when it comes to coming up with your own idea!

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